IoT Hardware Specialists

Developing Internet of Things (IoT) products and applications is a more complex endeavor than developing other applications due to the fact that these connected products and applications require hardware, connectivity, and value-added service providers to work together to deliver solutions that add value to both providers and end users.

IoT Application Specialists

A huge opportunity awaits software developers, systems integrators, cloud and data services providers to develop, operate and maintain IoT applications and services. Key areas for IoT app and service support include IoT specific OS, Application Development and Deployment Platform (ADDP), and IoT Testing services.

IoT Cloud Specialists

The advent of cloud computing has acted as a catalyst for the development and deployment of scalable Internet-of-Things business models and applications. Therefore, IoT and cloud are nowadays two very closely affiliated future internet technologies, which go hand-in-hand in non-trivial IoT deployments.



The Internet of Things is exploding, and it’s not hard to explain why it’s happening now. The sensors, networking chips and other technology required to connect to the Internet devices ranging from light bulbs to smart watches to industrial equipment have all become inexpensive. These connected  things send and receive data through the network relating to a variety of physical characteristics – temperature, moisture level, pulse rate, light level, velocity or revolutions per minute – as well as more complex data such as maintenance requirements, sounds, and static or moving images. Most analysts agree that the Internet of Things will be huge. Two-thirds of consumers expect to buy connected technology for their homes by 2019.

This begs some important questions for developers.

What is the best way to build an Internet of Things solution that could do anything from control home appliances remotely, to gather meteorological data from sensors to produce a weather forecast?

What skills are needed to do so?

Where do you even begin?

How to scale effectively and efficiently?


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