Welcome aboard! What to expect on your first login?

September 17, 2018

Hex Tiles

Signing up on platform.hurify.co will be familiar at first. You’ll be asked for an email address (no one else will see it, you’ll have a screen name after signup), a password, and to pass a Captcha test. Your account confirmation email should arrive almost instantly. Open the email and click Activate your Account. It will open a new tab, confirm that your account has been successfully verified, then place you at the home page.

Login Tile

Logging in is also familiar, asking for your email, password, and to pass a Captcha test, along with a Forgot Password link in case you need help. The first time you log in, you’ll be given a chance to read and accept our policies on Cookies, Tier-2 Privacy, and Data Retention. Once you accept these policies, you’ll be placed in Profile Creation. This is where, at a minimum, you set your:

  • User Name which becomes your screen name
  • City and Country so everyone can find people close to them
  • What you do? A one-liner about your passion, hobby, or job.
  • Spoken Language Because everybody speaks something.

While you’re in the neighborhood, you can add your ERC20 Ethereum Wallet Address (for best results, use MetaMask), your Education history, and a small bio about yourself. Or if you’re eager to go elsewhere in the platform, click Save now and come back later. Once you do hit Save, something cool happens – you earn tokens! For more details on that, see our article on Earning Tokens Through Profile Completion.

Hex Grid

Looking Around Before Logging In

Yup, nothing like a login wall to turn new users away from a website. That’s why we “ungate” as many hex-tiles as possible, so they can be used without logging in. Most of these are in the purple non-Spend, non-Earn “Other” category; but we’re trying to ungate some Earn and Spend hex-tiles as well. For example, the Shop hex-tile will let you browse our marketplace without logging in. Look around, check prices, we’ll only ask for a login if you try adding items to your cart.
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View Profiles

Is Anybody Out There? Viewing Profiles

Pretty hard to have a community if nobody can see anyone. That’s why we’ve gone public with profiles. Before you log in (or even have an account) you can click or tap the View Profiles hex-tile to see who’s on the platform, the skills they’ve mastered, what they do, where they work or play, and the language(s) they speak. Looking for a friend? Type their username into the search box. Looking for people with the same (or complementary) skills in the same country as you? Refine your search with our filtering options. Want to really get to know someone? Set up an account for yourself, log in, and go back view profiles. Now you can click the “+” next to any user’s profile, to pull up their full story, education history, and portfolio items.