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Addressing the Challenges in IoT Development

The buzz around the Internet of things (IoT) is as alive now as it was a decade ago when the concept first captured the attention of the entire tech world.

IoT Hardware: All you need to know

Back in the early 2000 era, the idea of connecting various devices and granting them access to other authorization apps was quite rare. However, in today’s time, this thought is omnipresent in all sorts of industries. Hardware components decide the cost, abilities, experience, and application of an IoT product.


Hurify is a platform to facilitate the development of Internet of Things (“IoT”) projects, including the matching of project owners with project managers and project development subcontractors, and hardware and software vendors within the IoT ecosystem.

Let's get Familiar with : Internet of Things (IoT)

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a generic recognized trend that is gaining vogue with time. IoT is transforming many industries, including healthcare, transportation, utilities and many more, thereby, driving them to raised levels.

A marketplace solution for IoT development through decentralized smart contract ledger

The Internet of Things (IoT), as many may be aware, is a network of things connected through the internet. These things could be any device from simple appliances such as coffee makers and light bulbs to complex ones like vehicles etc.

Skills gap hits the IoT market

Although the exact numbers of the market potential of IoT varies between various estimates, McKinsey sets it to be between $2.7(€2.19) to $6.2(€5.04) trillion by 2025. It is estimated that the number of connected devices is set to increase approximately five fold, from 27 billion in 2017 to 125 billion by 2030.

Dearth of Skills in IoT As Demand for IoT Soars Exponentially

Given the enormous capital value IoT promises, there is, however, a severe impediment for this progress and it is present in the form of shortage of relevant IoT skills which can potentially choke the high demand.

Blockchain enabled smart contracts as a solution for distributed teams working on a technical project

Blockchain innovation and the Internet of Things (IoT) will be intertwined as numerous blockchain platforms are created concentrated on facilitating IoT interoperability. Smart contracts are a foundation of future development opportunities in IoT.