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  • Shopping on credit with Stripe
    Short on HUR tokens? Pay with a credit card! We’ve […]
  • Welcome aboard! What to expect on your first login?
    Signing up on will be familiar at first. You’ll be asked for an email address (no one else will see it, you’ll have a screen name after signup), a password, and to pass a Captcha test. Your account confirmation [...]
  • Earn tokens through profile creation
    Yes, you can earn ERC-20 compliant HUR tokens when you write nice things about yourself. In order for us to be good to you, we need you to be good to us : Be truthful Write about who you are and and what you [...]
  • Blockchain: A Revolution or a Fizzled Canon?
    Have you heard about Bitcoin? Wrong question. We think you are tired of hearing about Bitcoin. And if that’s the case, you probably haven’t escaped the term ‘Blockchain’ as well: when we talk of Bitcoin, blockchain [...]
  • How To navigate using the hex tiles
    The first thing you’ll notice is the new hex-tiles […]