How To navigate using the hex tiles

August 30, 2018

The first thing you’ll notice is the new hex-tiles home page. Each tile is an entry point to a different page on the platform.  More into Menus? Don’t worry, they’re still there, and they’ll take you everywhere you need to go. Think of the hex-tiles has some handy (and mobile-friendly) shortcuts. The hex-tiles are arranged in three color-coded columns. The blue earn column on the left take you to various token-earning activities, such as completing your profile (That’s right! We pay you to make yourself look good!) working on projects for other people, and more activities on the way in future product increments. The middle orange column holds the spend tiles, oriented toward browsing and buying on the marketplace, creating projects, and hiring people to work on them for you. The purple column on the right is …. Everything else. Most of these neither earned nor cost your tokens, such as viewing people’s profiles, or reading blogs, or log in/log out. This is also where we put the tiles that support earning and spending simultaneously, such as Manage Projects (where Project Owners go to hire, and developers go to bid for work).

Landing Page


Oh yeah, there’s one more hex-tile color: gray. A gray hex-tile can mean one of two things: It’s a “gated tile” that can’t help you until you’re logged in, or a “coming soon tile” to give you a hint at our roadmap. Not sure which is which? Let our friend Annie help you out. You might have mixed feelings towards AI’s and Voice Assistants — Annie is neither of these.  Just a friendly cartoon face to lighten the mood if things don’t go quite right, as well as the occasional “Hooray” for a job well done.