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Drone use has enormous potential advantages in many fields, including insurance, agriculture, energy, health care, law enforcement and product delivery. Modern drones range in size from that of large aircraft to that of an insect, with the smaller consumer quadcopter configuration the most common.


Emerging technology strategy needs to be a core part of every company’s corporate strategy. Business executives must sort through the noise to make clear-headed decisions about the most relevant technologies that will sustain revenue growth and enhance business operations.


Blockchain and Internet Of Things (IoT) are easily the two biggest buzzwords in technology at the moment. The IoT encompasses the world of sensors,moving objects like vehicles and really any device that has embedded electronics to communicate with the outside world – typically over an IP protocol.


After Dr. Langley’s experiments at the end of the 19th century, aviation drone use gradually and consistently developed and expanded, roughly in parallel to that of piloted and passenger aircraft. By the 1930s, there were many advanced hobbyists with model aircraft controlled by radio, and by the end of World War II there was a large range of remote-controlled flying devices. Yet only recently has drone use expanded into every aspect of the public imagination. Why is that?

It’s the same reason why smartphones and laptops have also become ubiquitous: tremendous advances in electronics and allied fields, particularly integrated circuits, batteries and plastic materials. Unlike the model airplanes of the 1930s, many of today’s modern drones have electrically powered engines, computers for both internal and external guidance, and robust two-way communication capabilities.

Perhaps most importantly, modern drones are mass produced and affordable. Once viewed as toys for skilled hobbyists, drones have become useful for prosumers and regular consumers alike. Like many other technologies, drones have now circled back to professional use.

Modern drones range in size from that of large aircraft to that of an insect, with the smaller consumer quadcopter configuration the most common. Due to rising sea levels and other factors, there is even interest in water-born and undersea versions.

Hence it is important to prevent Terminator’s SkyNet happening in real life.


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